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Gel Nails vs Acrylic Nails

I’ve realized now that I’ve started doing gel nails again, and just with the conversations I’m having with coworkers, friends, clients etc…some people are still unaware of what the difference is and sometimes are being told they have gel nails on when in fact they are acrylic nails. Choosing the type of extension nail you want is totally up to you, and one isn’t better than the other. Sometimes it’s just a personal preference of which you’d rather have on your nails but you should know which one you are paying for.


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Ashlie’s Aesthetic

What are the hot trends for 2016 and your nails??

Don’t know what you want to do with your nails or what to expect to see on everyone else’s nails?? Lots of these looks were seen on the NYFW. Some are simple and elegant others are a little bit more out there but still fun to look at  Here are 6 different trends that you have forward to seeing throughout the rest of 2016:

  1. Nude nails are in full swing for 2016. you can definitely add simple nail art on top to keep the classy look without going overboard

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Nail Hack

One thing I’ve come to love the look of is matte nails. I never really did them on myself but loved the way they looked on everyone else. There was one problem though that was brought to my attention from my clients…. it dented, marked really easy and just didn’t last like other top coats did. Well I have found a solution!

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the fresh perspective…




February is here and it is cold.  How much thought have you put into your hair, skin, and nails?  Do you have a unique regimen or some amazing products that keep you hydrated?  What are some of the things you do to beat the freezing temps?

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