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I’m constantly checking social media for different makeup inspiration to come up with new techniques or just something new to try. I love seeing all the different things that people are doing out there but there is one thing that always catches my attention and that’s special effects makeup. It can be simple and sweet or it can be gory and intense. It’s really cool to see what all the amazing artists out there come up with.

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Ashlie’s Aesthetic

Nail Hack

One thing I’ve come to love the look of is matte nails. I never really did them on myself but loved the way they looked on everyone else. There was one problem though that was brought to my attention from my clients…. it dented, marked really easy and just didn’t last like other top coats did. Well I have found a solution!

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Ashlie’s Aesthetic

Price Concerns

There’s an article that I recently read about different nail salons in the city that violate health violations and it got me thinking about how people are always asking about my price points being so high for services…


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Ashlie’s Aesthetic

What to look forward to in nail art 2016….

Some of the manicure trends in 2015 I couldn’t get on board with….bubble nails, duck feet nails, and flip manicures. But I did really enjoy seeing all the 3D nail art and even the stiletto nails. So what does 2016 have to offer the nail industry….


(Flip Manicure)

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I thought that picture was pretty cute.  Even though toe nails may seem useless, they aren’t!  However, I feel like I can speak on behalf of the majority of people who think feet are odd/strange looking.  Now that summer is upon us, we’re all breaking out the sandals and bare feet.  AHHHH.  When you have freshly polished toe nails, there’s never a worry that someone may see you bare foot.  Here’s a few of my favourite simple & fun looks for some summer toes…







-né xo

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When it comes to shaping your nails, there’s more options than you think.  Do you know what kind of shape you like?  Here’s a great, simple photo to give you an idea…


It is always helpful to the aesthetician for you to have an idea of what you like!  Or perhaps, what your goal is.  Keep in mind the condition of your current nails and the shape they go in naturally.  A great aesthetician will guide you in the right direction or towards what would suit you best.  There’s definitely phases of what’s in and what isn’t.  For example, stiletto/extremely long, wacky, and pointed nails have been a HUGE hit these days.  That doesn’t mean we all have to rock the superstar look.  A perfectly shaped oval nail is always a classic.  Or maybe you use your hands a ton and you have great long nail beds.  In that case, maybe a nice short squoval or rounded nail is best.  Those are just a few little tips and tidbits for you to get the best shape possible.

Here are some more beauties…




né xo

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PRITI NYC Rosemary & Mint Organic Foot Spray

priti nyc spray

Are your feet feeling tired and in need of some extra care?  I’ve got a great product for you! PRITI NYC’s Rosemary & Mint Organic Foot spray has a grand total of four organic ingredients that pack a lot of punch.  In my opinion, less is more when it comes to quality, natural ingredients.  Each one is put in the spray with purpose, and hold many benefits for your feet.

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wax stick

We have been on a waxing/hair growing (for waxing) kick at the salon as of recent.  Therefore, as you can imagine, there are no shortages of opinions about the topic.  I am a HUGE fan and supporter of this hair removal process.  Not only do I have experience as a professional in waxing,  but also as a client.  I, personally have been getting my eyebrows waxed since I was thirteen years old.  That means I’m going on 13 years of ripping hair from my body.  Wowza.

I must give my mother credit for taking me for my first appointment to tame the wild beast of eyebrows I once had.  There was a catch though, I WAS NOT allowed to tweeze in between my appointments otherwise it was no longer covered by momma’s pocket-book.  The young, teenager in me knew I didn’t want to spend my hard-earned babysitting money on something like a wax.  Especially when I could go to the movies with my friends. To this day, I cannot thank my mom enough.

I will admit that there are many pros and cons to any type of waxing service.  I wrote a short list of each in hopes of helping you understand why I believe getting waxed by a professional is a great choice.


  • waxing is a quick service
  • the results last for weeks at a time, no tweezing needed (or recommended)
  • hair becomes sparser and thinner
  • you don’t get razor burn! thank goodness.
  • you let the professionals do what they do best (for example: shaping of your brows)



  • it costs money, but trust me, it won’t break the bank.
  • time and scheduling (most of us have a hard time keeping up with life as is)
  • regrowth…it takes a lot of patience at the beginning to get used to process of waxing and seeing those hairs grow in.
  • pain! i know, i know, you are ripping hair from the root.  just remember, END RESULT as well as how quickly the service goes by.
  • ingrown hairs (waxing’s worst fear), but these can be resolved!


With these pros and cons laid out, the best advice I can still give you is to go talk to your Esthetician.  He/she is best to explain everything in detail and in person on how to go about, AND keep up with your waxing routine.  I can’t stress that enough, because there are rules you need to follow to get the BEST end results possible.  For example, no tweezing in between, proper exfoliation, no scented products, and absolutely no shaving or other hair removal services etc.  I am so proud and happy for some of my clients right now for sticking with it.  We’ve developed a goal, and are continuously seeing results which is incredibly rewarding for both parties involved.