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Gel Nails vs Acrylic Nails

I’ve realized now that I’ve started doing gel nails again, and just with the conversations I’m having with coworkers, friends, clients etc…some people are still unaware of what the difference is and sometimes are being told they have gel nails on when in fact they are acrylic nails. Choosing the type of extension nail you want is totally up to you, and one isn’t better than the other. Sometimes it’s just a personal preference of which you’d rather have on your nails but you should know which one you are paying for.


Acrylic nails don’t need to be cured under the light, the technician will use a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to form the nail. Some locations do use a gel top coat and that will be cured under a light…. this however does not make them gel nails. They are still acrylic nails with a gel topcoat. When getting acrylic nails done there is a strong odor from the product, it’s very distinctive. coffin6The finished look has more of a cloudy appearance on the nail.

***There is no such thing as a powder gel***

I’ve heard this a few times that the technician will say to you that it is a powdered gel if you are getting gels done… This is in fact still acrylic nails they are just trying to up-sell you on the service (pay more for a product that isn’t as expensive).

Gel nails will always be cured under a UV light, the product is a gel product only and won’t need another one added to it to form a nail. Some locations do like to add a shellac/ permanent polish to them for colour, this will also be cured.


The finishing look has more of a clear shiny appearance to the nail.

This is just a couple little things you can pick up on at your next appointment, that way you know which service/product you are purchasing.


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