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Being that it is the New Year, we all take the time to reflect.  We reflect on our weight, we reflect on our love lives, we reflect on our families and friends.  Basically, now is when we attempt to give our lives a total over-haul.

amy, christie and pascale

amy, christie and pascale

All of this New Year’s stuff got me to thinking about my friends, or more-so, the ladies in my life.  I am very fortunate (some may say I’m lucky) to come to work every day and spend time with the gals on my team.  It’s no secret that I love sports because I think it mirrors so many parts and aspects of life.  Winning and/or losing.  Practices, coaches, and meetings… The success or failure of teams strictly rely on the players, or the group that the team consists of.

lilac haired renée

lilac haired renée

Chloe Hodgson, Andrée Lavergne, Pascale Forest-Axford, Renée Girard, Amy Zacharias, Rochelle Senior and Christie Peters (in no particular order) play on my team and I think we have the best starting line-up.  I’m of course biased, but if any of you got to spend time with any of these women you would be changed.  They all have an easy ability to be themselves and appreciate it.  They all have a sense of what it means to be a part of something. They all know the meaning of love.  They all have been to work with little to no make-up on…



Without even knowing it, they make me want to be better.  Without even knowing it, they make me believe that I am already a part of something.  Without even knowing it, they have softened my heart.  They know now.

andrée, with blurry  renée background

andrée, with blurry renée background

Who’s on your team?  Do the people that surround you daily, have a way of making you see that there is beauty around, always?  Do the people you hold close have a way of making you stand up? Tall?  Do the people you love know that you love them…?

While you’re evaluating how many pounds to lose, or how you can be more efficient, ask yourself…  That’s the fresh perspective…

Team Freshair, you are loved.


P.S. Rochelle is our newest member and has no images yet…soon enough though…

Enjoying the ride!

We have a new writer here at freshfood!  Renée is our esthetician and she will be posting on Thursdays.  Renée’s Aesthetic will give you information about your skin, nails, and general health and lifestyle.  I’m very excited about having her here so please check her out!

Renée Girard

This blog has grown so much over the years and I have to thank everyone that reads or subscribes to us.  I was skeptical about an ‘on-line’ presence in the beginning and now I see the value.  I appreciate the amount of people I can reach at any given time and try to make every interaction count.

On our way to the park…

It’s a wonder to me how the internet ACTUALLY works.  To think that someone half way around the world could be reading our posts, and sharing in Freshair Boutique’s journey, is mind blowing.

Enjoying the ride!

What else can I say?  Thanks for supporting, keep reading and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.  That’s what we aim to do, give you all info and try to share some of our stories and experiences with you.

Team Freshair Boutique


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