the fresh perspective…

The Freshest Ladies

DSCN0583The salon has went through, and is going through, changes.  We have expanded, I had a baby, we’ll be hiring for two positions… It’s been a while since I had posted anything and it’s funny how much I missed writing.

IMG_0168There was so much that I thought I would want to say for this first entry back, but I think I just want to thank the ladies I work with.  They have all played a very important role in their own ways during the past two months.

DSCN0580I’m grateful that I work with women who understand the type of business I want to run and they do what they can to enhance the experience for all the clients.  I appreciate each and every one of these ladies and I know that all the goodness and changes that Freshair Boutique has went through wouldn’t have been possible without these 7 ladies.

Christie, **Chloe, Amy, **Heather, Andrée, **Tessa and **Olivia, thanks girls!  That’s the fresh perspective…

**Not pictured.


the fresh perspective…




Wowee!  I can’t believe that it’s been four years!  It’s been an unbelievable experience and I couldn’t have made it to this point without all the wonderful ladies that work with me everyday!

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magic monday – what’s in our bags

Senior Stylist


Amy is our resident lady about town, and the girl with the golden touch.

AMYS BAG 2 Her bag is from Marc Jacobs.
Her small makeup bag is from Forever 21, while the silver one was found at a market in Thailand.


Here’s what we found in her bag:

01 Sephora natural lavender Blotting Papers
02 Excel Mint Gum
03 Lash Curler
04 YSL Opium Perfume
05 Vitamin D Life  – this winter/spring shenanigan has got us needing all the vitamin d we can get!!
06 Crest Toothpaste + Excel Toothbrush
07 Rae + Jerry’s Pen – dipping onion rings in the honeydill sauce. all you need to know…
08 MAC Eyelid Gloss – dewy lids!
09 Playtex Tampon
10 MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Asian Flower
11 MAC lipstick in MAC Red
12 Tylenol
13 *Bobby Pins (we’ve got tiny boxes of 30 pins for only 3.50)
14 Carmex
15 Stephanie Berrington’s Bottle Opener – sorry Steph, I didn’t mean to take this home with me…
16 *Kevin Murphy FRESHAIR Dry Shampoo – I use it everyday. an unhealthy obsession.
17 MAC Lipliner in Redd
18 Tweezers
19 *Malie Kokee Hand & Body Lotion
20 Wine opener – picnics in the park are made so much easier when ya got one of these around.

All starred items are currently available in our boutique, so come visit us and pick up a few of Amy’s picks!

the fresh perspective…


Being that it is the New Year, we all take the time to reflect.  We reflect on our weight, we reflect on our love lives, we reflect on our families and friends.  Basically, now is when we attempt to give our lives a total over-haul.

amy, christie and pascale

amy, christie and pascale

All of this New Year’s stuff got me to thinking about my friends, or more-so, the ladies in my life.  I am very fortunate (some may say I’m lucky) to come to work every day and spend time with the gals on my team.  It’s no secret that I love sports because I think it mirrors so many parts and aspects of life.  Winning and/or losing.  Practices, coaches, and meetings… The success or failure of teams strictly rely on the players, or the group that the team consists of.

lilac haired renée

lilac haired renée

Chloe Hodgson, Andrée Lavergne, Pascale Forest-Axford, Renée Girard, Amy Zacharias, Rochelle Senior and Christie Peters (in no particular order) play on my team and I think we have the best starting line-up.  I’m of course biased, but if any of you got to spend time with any of these women you would be changed.  They all have an easy ability to be themselves and appreciate it.  They all have a sense of what it means to be a part of something. They all know the meaning of love.  They all have been to work with little to no make-up on…



Without even knowing it, they make me want to be better.  Without even knowing it, they make me believe that I am already a part of something.  Without even knowing it, they have softened my heart.  They know now.

andrée, with blurry  renée background

andrée, with blurry renée background

Who’s on your team?  Do the people that surround you daily, have a way of making you see that there is beauty around, always?  Do the people you hold close have a way of making you stand up? Tall?  Do the people you love know that you love them…?

While you’re evaluating how many pounds to lose, or how you can be more efficient, ask yourself…  That’s the fresh perspective…

Team Freshair, you are loved.


P.S. Rochelle is our newest member and has no images yet…soon enough though…

We’re having a private party…

This weekend will be Freshair Boutique’s 3rd Christmas Party!  We are all excited and ready for a good time.  The staff has changed a bit from last year.  We lost Emmanuel, Lisa and Crystal, but gained Chloe, Renée, and Rochelle.  It’s been a fun and busy 2012 and now we’re gearing up for 2013.

2011 Freshair Flairmenco

I love parties and I’m excited for our new staff to learn a little more about us and we, in turn, can learn a bit more about them and their partners/families.  This time gives us an opportunity to see each other in a different setting.  This time gives us an opportunity to get to know their partners and to better understand their lifestyles.

Freshair Line-up 2011

We see each other everyday, and yet maybe we don’t get enough time to get to know each other in a work setting.  I know some people hate their work parties because they actually have nothing in common with some staff members.  They don’t feel the importance of the time you can spend together apart from work.  I think it’s integral in the longevity of your team’s success.

Freshair Bow-tique Christmas 2010

With that, stay tuned for some images of our party and of the new staff.  Thanks for following us and sharing in yet another year of successful business!

Freshair Line-up 2010


so what had happened was…

What a whirlwind of a weekend.  It came, it went.  It’s March and I can’t believe all that I have lined up for this summer already…  My spring kicks off with my sister-in-law’s wedding social and all the sweet wedding functions a maid of honor has to prepare and be involved in through the summer.  My first-born is having her third birthday in May, there are talks of a kid party…yikes… There’s a family road trip and folk fest (plus all the other Winnipeg festivals and wedding stuff) peppered in throughout the summer.

I feel like this is a re-occurring topic, ‘where does the time go?’. Before I know it, I’ll be posting in September about how great my summer was.  It’s crazy, but I love it.

Here’s to life!  L’chaim!

Lisa, Amy and I getting down to some Beyonce.


Freshair Boutique

Freshair Boutique

Found this picture today.  It’s one of us at the holiday lunch I had at my place.  What’s up with my face?  Anyways… We take so much for granted and I never want to forget how fortunate I am, and how much love is in my life.  Thanks girls for being the best co-workers!


Wordless Wednesdays

This weekend is our staff party and we are doing a flamenco theme.  Just to help out with some inspiration I found some flamenco shots to inspire us.  We all have characters that we are going to play and these shots are going to inspire us for our photo-shoot. Below are the cast of San Carlos Nights…a Freshair Telenovela.

Praise- Alexandria Lucia

Christie- Gabriela

Amy- Carmen

Andree- Catalina

Lisa- Georgina Flores

Crystal- Sophia

Pascale- Karina

Emmanuel- Manuel

So stay tuned… sorry this post -not so wordless…


So we’re heading on to the end of our three-month workout and I couldn’t help but dig up some old photos of ‘the crew’ this time last year.  Wow!  We all look so different! And our hairs?!  Even more so…

We took these photos last year for our Freshair BOW-tique Christmas party and this year it’s on Saturday.  It’s a Freshair Flairmenco Christmas! We will be partaking in a Freshair Telenovela called San Carlos Nights

That’s all I’ll say for now but when the shoot is over it would be fun to do a compare and contrast with our P90X crew…

Without further ado, P90X crew circa 2010-

AMY- aka 'hold abs tight!'

CHRISTIE- aka 'splitstastic'

LISA- aka 'hang in there'

PRAISE- aka 'grunter/growler'

So, let’s give ourselves a round of applause for getting this far! In the new year we’ll have a new plan and it’ll be great.  2011 was great and 2012 will be even better… Bring it!


Also, everyone’s hairs look real good.  Good job gals…