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Colored Jeans

It’s the hot look for the summer.  Maybe you just went out and bought a pair, or you dug up an old shade, colored jeans are definitely a trend for summer 2012.

so many shades!

When shopping for your pair of colored jeans, try to keep in line with the type of clothes you currently have in your closet.   If it appears that your closet is full of greys, blacks, and endless neutrals, you might want to go with the pastel colors.  If you are one that likes to change it up all the time, you may want to go with something more vibrant.


Trends are a fun way to spice up your wardrobe.  Don’t go nuts and buy seven different shades of colored jeans.  One, maybe two, but if you have a pair for everyday of the week you end up being a slave to the trends and spending way too much money trying to keep up.  They’re called trends for a reason, they don’t last… That’s the fresh perspective…