Renée’s Aesthetic


So simple, yet so beautiful.  Whether you gather a medley of flowers from around your neighborhood or you get your local florist to create something stunning, flower crowns are a great way to add that something extra with ease.

flower crown 1

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Renée’s Aesthetic


Yes it is that time of year…where we’re all thrilled beyond belief that the weather is finally scorching yet frightened to show our bare legs and bodies in the skimpiest of outfits.  Also known as: the swimsuit.  Let me tell you ladies, all you need is a good bikini wax (or go all out for the brazilian wax) and a feel good shopping spree, yes I said feel good, for a CLASSY bathing suit.  Key word, classy.

The itty bitty, teeny bikini used to be all the rage.  Want my opinion?  Less is more.  Keep more to the imagination.  Buying a suit with a great cut or cute detailing is a TON more pleasing to the eye than you can imagine.

Here’s some classy ladies, wearing some classy swimsuits…



polka dot swim


-né xo