the fresh perspective…


tumblr_lu8xm96kL11qc6vgqo1_500_largeWe’re officially into spring (so says the Gregorian calendar) and in Winnipeg it’s hard to believe that there will be an end to the ‘polar vortex’.  I had been away for the past week and even where I visited had extremely cold weather.

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the fresh perspective…


Spring Is

Spring is birds singing their heads off
Spring is a beautiful season full of color
Spring is the constant war between the sun and rain
Spring is the light at the end of the long winter tunnel
Spring is the season that brings back life

Kristina Lybbert

That’s the fresh perspective… Spring, we’re so glad you’re here!

magic monday – cupcake edition

As spring draws near, it seems as though our tastes all migrate towards the light and pretty. Don’t we all want to try and hurry mother earth along just a tiny bit with our lipstick, clothing, or food choices? I know that as soon as March hits, my kitchen becomes less of a soup-factory, and more often than not, cupcakes, pies and cookies line the counters.

I’d love to share one of my favorite spring treats, cardamom cupcakes with rosewater frosting. Cardamom and Rosewater are a flavour match made in heaven, and cupcakes are the perfect catalyst for such a combo.


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