magic monday – what’s in our bags

Assistant Extraordinaire


Chloe is our beloved assistant and resident perfectionist.

chloes purse

Her bag is from a fantastic Canadian company,  Echoes in the Attic.

And here’s what we found inside:

chloe's bag

01 Burts Bees Lipbalm
02 USB Stick
03 Assorted candy
04 Crayola Crayons
05 **Gleem Earrings
06 Colgate Floss
07 iPod
08 Prevex Protectant Cream
09 Sunglasses
10 **Kevin Murphy Powder Puff
11 Bus Tickets
12 Compact
13 Tide To Go
14 Business card

Starred are items Chloe picked up in our boutique. If you’d like to try any of her favorites, swing on by and pay us a visit!

happy monday, and stay tuned next week!