Ashlie’s Aesthetic

Price Concerns

There’s an article that I recently read about different nail salons in the city that violate health violations and it got me thinking about how people are always asking about my price points being so high for services…


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the fresh perspective…


FullSizeRenderIt’s that time again!  I’ve been on the hunt for a really good heavy lotion/cream to take care of my legs and ashy feet.  This whole time it was in my shop!  We have been carrying some Pure Anada products for a while and I was recommended to try this for my dryness.  It has changed my feet and my life!

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Just a bit of info…

IMG_4959This instagram image sparked a bit of controversy over the last weekend.  It’s difficult to know how people feel about decor choices but as one disgruntled follower commented, we started to think that maybe some of you were also wondering.  We are an Eco-friendly hair salon.  We never said ever that we were vegans/vegetarians.  We never once said that we don’t eat meat.  What we have said is that we are a full service hair salon with an Eco-friendly edge.  Cow hide rugs are in fact very Eco-friendly.

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the fresh perspective…

Pure Anada Mascara

mascaraIt’s review time folks!  We’ve been carrying this product now for over a year and we’re moving it pretty decently.  I am going to be on my third tube in a few weeks and it got me to thinking…

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LiLash update…

So as promised this is my last post on the product LiLash.  I know that my lashes have grown and seem to be fuller but I’m not sure that I would buy this product again.  I ran out of the actual serum a few weeks ago but I think that’s cause of the way the bottle is shaped (and I did put the serum on my brows as well).

All in all, my lashes grew and seemed fuller.  My brows didn’t change at all.  Some people swear by this product.  I had a lady tell me she had to cut her lashes with scissors, they were so long!  I experienced some itching and a bit of a dry eye at night but that was it.

Yeah, that’s all I can say I guess.  Maybe try it? Maybe not?

photo 1 photo 2**By the way, my eyebrows are beefed up a bit….




Li Lash update…

Li Lash

So it’s been about six weeks since I started my Li Lash experiment.  I can’t say that I’ve noticed so much more growth.  I’ll be honest, in the six weeks I have missed about 8 days.  I’m not sure if this is reason that I’m still not noticing anything but…

photo 1

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the fresh perspective…


bad-customer-serviceWith all this talk of expansion, it got me thinking about how we run our business at Freshair Boutique.  I wonder how people rate us or even if they think we give good service?  From when they walk in till when they walk out, are they satisfied with the amount they were charged?  Would they come back?  Would they recommend a friend?

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Renée’s Aesthetic


Here are my three favorite products of the moment.  I simply cannot live without them.

We all have our go-to hair and makeup products.  Finding those right ones can be a bit of a process.  You need products that aren’t only high quality, but work for your skin and hair type specifically (everyone’s are different.)

drawing makeup 2

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