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Malie Organics Body Wash


I’m back with a product review.  Malie Organics is a skin care line we’ve been carrying for a few years.   I can honestly say that I’ve been using the body wash exclusively for over six months and am noticing that it is the real deal.  I LOVE moisturized skin and will stop at nothing to keep it soft, supple and fresh.  The wash is moisturizing and freshly scented.  Koke’e’s scent is from the Hawaiian plant the Maile vine. It’s a little thin but dissolves and spreads quite easily.  I tend to be an over user but a little less is always better…

Apart from making me fresh, clean and moist, any time you purchase a Malie Organics product that uses the Maile vine, 1% of the proceeds goes back to the Koke’e Resource Conservation Program.  So now you’re doing a little more!

With the onslaught of information about the (watch the video if you’re okay with images of death) catastrophe in Bangladesh, I have really begun to try to learn where my hard-earned money goes.  Buying a $25 lotion over a department store $10 lotion seems a little extravagant, but let me say that the lotion I buy gives back.  The $10 drug store lotion that’s massed produced probably does not give back.  This was meant to be a product review and now has turned into a deeper post.

When you spend your money, what does it do after it leaves your hands?  What support does your money provide?  Think about this every time you swipe your debit or visa card.  Researching how your favorite goods and products are produced may seem foreign to some of you and commonplace for others.  If you want to learn more, just ask.  Once you know what your money does after it leaves you, you might think twice about how you spend it.

That’s the fresh perspective…

Renée’s Aesthetic

PERMANENT POLISH     …the long-lasting manicure

Hey lovelies!

Going on my 6th year as an esthetician in the beauty industry, I’ve definitely had the experience figuring out the best products and services for my clients.  I’ve been a huge advocate for Gel Polish/Shellac since it has originally been launched.  A lot of my clients simply want to enhance what they have, so this is the perfect product.  We, as industry professionals, and clients as well have to understand that nothing is permanent.  This product (whether it be OPI, CND, LCN etc.) is fantastic, but may not be for everyone.

There are a ton of factors to take into consideration when it comes to our nails.  For example: stress, damaged nail beds, proper application, wear and tear, climate, oily nail beds, and at home maintenance to name a few…  These can ALL play a role in the game of “well-being” for our nails.  So here are a few pros, cons, tips and tricks from myself, to hopefully help all of you out there have a more thorough understanding of the “go-to manicure-permanent polish.”  It is always better to be educated about any product or service you’re about to receive.


  • Can last up to 3 weeks (new application recommended after 2 weeks)
  • Great color selection!
  • Stays shiny and color true the entire time
  • Does not damage your nails (as long as you DO NOT pick them off yourself)
  • Looks natural (goes over top your natural nail, no nail enhancements)
  • No drying time, dry as soon as the service is done!
  • No damage (if properly maintained throughout and after)


  • Time spent (removal 20 minutes, application 30-45 minutes every 2-3 weeks)
  • Cost, $10-$20 more than a regular manicure (dependent on removal or not)
  • Can possibly peel, chip or lift if not careful
  • Doesn’t last the anticipated 2-3 weeks (see above comment)
  • Possible nail damage (if you do not get them soaked off professionally)
  • Drying (if not properly maintained throughout and after application)


  • Permanent polish/shellac is best suited for clients who want to maintain a natural looking nail using a product that lasts longer than regular nail polish.
  • Most permanent polish products are not well suited to clients who have extremely damaged nail beds, splitting, peeling, or brittle nails.
  • WEAR GLOVES, at all times.  If you are doing dishes, cleaning the house, gardening etc, gloves are a crucial item that can help ANY manicure last longer.
  • DON’T pick.  I know it’s hard, but trust me, picking will only encourage chipping/lifting.
  • Have an honest, open relationship with your esthetician.  This way, the two of you can figure out the best course of action for your future nail goals 🙂
  • Apply cuticle oil everyday, even with the gel polish on, around your cuticle and directly under your free edge.  This will help prevent drying.
  • Get them professionally done/removed, always.  There’s a reason why we went to school to learn about these services and products.  We truly care about the end result and the well-being of your body.
  • The harder you are on your hands, the more chance of it not lasting. (But heck, 2 weeks without a chip is way better than any time I’ve had regular polish on…)


Hope this helps!