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IMG_3959Wanna work in our new space?!  We are looking for a few good people.  If you know anyone looking for work, send them down to our shop with a resume.  We are looking to fill 3 positions.  We need a receptionist, a licensed esthetician, and a licensed hairstylist.

IMG_5066We’re looking for someone who is hard-working, experienced with social media, and likes to have a good time.  Is that you?  Do you know anyone?  If you do, send ’em.  Thanks guys!  That’s the fresh perspective…

the fresh perspective…

Tenacious Talons: Brought to You by Priti NYC’s Nail Strengthener

Summer is a season of growth. The sun is full and bright in the sky, vitamin D is a-plenty, and our bodies soak it up like sun-starved cave dwellers. I find that my nails grow faster in the summer, but not stronger, so I’ve been testing out Priti NYC’s nail strengthener to help with that. It is Formaldehyde-free, easy to apply, and quick drying. Priti recommends using it as a base coat under your favorite polish, so I gave it a try under a really beautiful greeny-blue called Water Dragon. The polish adhered really well to it and my nails feel great!

nail-strengthener (from freshboutique)

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You can find more info about Priti NYC here:

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Renée’s Aesthetic

TOP TWO: nail polish edition.

I have been using PRITI NYC nail polish for over a year now, and I can still say that I love it. Over this period of time though, I have definitely developed a few favorites. Each polish paints on differently. Factors such as consistency, type of finish (shimmer, creme, translucent), and shade can play a huge role.


Last summer as well as this summer, Lungwort has been a top favorite from customers. It made my top two for its gorgeous hue as well as its great consistency. I have not once had a complaint from this polish. It suites both young and old, tanned and fair skinned. Its a beautiful “tiffany blue,” some may even consider it a mint, with a creme finish. Two coats is all you need with this one, therefore a great polish to keep on hand at home for any type of event or quick sprucing up.


My new favorite is definitely American Beauty. It is the perfect summer red. It is bright enough without going neon. Adding this pop of color on your toes will bring on the sunshine and good summer vibes. I love this one on hands as well to accessorize with any outfit (except maybe pink, ha!). This is also a color that needs only two coats, so doesn’t take forever to dry. From it not being a deep and dark red, it makes it super easy to clean up around the cuticles. We all have our shaky days…

Here's one of the hairstylists nails I've done by using Lungwort as an accent color.

Here’s one of the hairstylists nails I’ve done by using Lungwort as an accent color.

So there you go, my top two favorite nail polish hues of the moment. What are yours?

-né xo

priti nyc

magic monday – bag lady

Manager / Display Master

christieChristie somehow manages to manage us unmanageables.
She’s the very picture of grace, and can often be found dancing about the salon.

christie's bag2

Christie made this backpack!
You can buy them (and much more) through For You, Me & Us

Here’s what we found inside:


01 vintage lipstick holder
02 MAC lipstick – impassioned
03 Herbacin Kamille hand cream
04 **Malie Koke’e perfume oil
05 35mm film
06 **Priti NYC polish – american beauty
07 lipstick print compact – gift
08 keys – handmade keychain
09 **bobby pins (30 pins for 3.50)
10 Fort Garry Hotel matchbook
11 for you, me & us business cards
12 GREAT IDEAS notebook
13 vintage scarf
14 Triple C portable speaker
15 **Kevin Murphy Powder Puff
16 **Cleopatra combs
17 True History of the Kelly Gang – Peter Carey
18 Essie Polish – maximillian strasse her
19 antique cigarette case
20 **anj couture rose bobby pin

Find any of the starred items above in our boutique! We have one final bag lady coming up soon, so come back next week for a peek inside Andrée’s bag!

happy monday!!

magic monday – bag lady



Renée is our favourite brow magician and nail artist.

renee's purse

Her bag was a gift from her brother,
who purchased it while backpacking in Mexico.

renee's bag

Here’s what we found inside:

01 Daisy Roll on Perfume by Marc Jacobs
02 Lactaid – Don’t ask, I’m not even lactose intolerant…
03 Lint Roller– I’m a cat mom!
04 Lush Liquid Lipstick in Charm
05 *Mint + Hazel Earrings
06 iPhone
07 Alice Munro – Lives of Girls & Women
08 iPod Shuffle
09 *Priti NYC Nail Strengthener
10 Joe Eyeliner
11 Nail Files- I can’t stand snags in my nails. If they happen to break, I’ve always got a quick fix!
12 Sunglasses
13 MAC Lipstick
14 Day Planner
15 Blistex
16 Acrylic Paint 

All starred items are available in our boutique, so come visit us and pick up a few of Renée’s favourite items!

have a great week, everybody!