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valen1I’m just going to rant for a teeny bit ( not too long…).  Last night I went to see Off the Beaten Path: Women, Violence and Art at the WAG.  It was very intense and made me think of many, many things… Most of all I thought about WOMEN.  What a special group of people we are! I mean, seriously!  I applaud all of us and I’ll say that I don’t acknowledge our gender enough.

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Friday Kits…

I’ve been compiling my Friday outfits for a few years now and thought I should share some with you.  If you follow us on twitter, Instagram or Facebook you will notice that Fridays are when I post a wee bit more about myself… Namely the clothes on my body, the style of my hair or the expression of my face (the face thing is new… I’m trying something out on Facebook…)

Friday's face... (only on Facebook)

Friday’s face…
(only on Facebook)

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Summer Shooting

So here are some of our favorite images from our summer shoot!  Thanks to poppie clothing and Oak & Lily for collaborating with us!  Thanks to Kyle Thomas for shooting us and thanks to Pascale for being our model! We have different images in the salon as well, so the next time you’re in the shop, take a look!

popnfreshoak-kt-June 09, 2013-049

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the fresh perspective…


I don’t remember the last time I had the best time on a Friday night. My pal Liz and I finally got together after a long hiatus and the evening got me thinking…  What, for real, is the definition of a friend.
sushi at the shop

sushi at the shop

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the fresh perspective…

A Hairy Situation

Guys.  I had a mini crisis earlier this week and a third of my hair vacated my head.  It was awful and I almost cried (okay I cried a bit).  I’m not going to go into the gory details, but I will say that it got me thinking about all the times I’ve told clients, or friends that the beauty of hair is that it grows back.  It’s just hair.  It grows back.  It’s just hair.

I’m starting to feel a little better about myself and I have to remember that I tell people everyday that, “it’s only hair”.  Funny how I’m so confident at telling people their hair woes can be rectified when the problem is not mine.  Well things got tough I cried.  It’s crazy because I always make it clear to any one who sits in my chair that any hair situation always has a solution even though it may mean the solution means time.  Time to let the hairs come back because, time and time again it’s proven that they do come back…

I’m almost over it.  I’m closer to being over my hair loss than I was earlier this week.  That’s it.  Hair is just that.  It’s hair, and it grows…that’s the fresh perspective…

Thanking You!

Every year at Thanksgiving we all take the time to appreciate each other.  Even though not all of our readers are Canadian, I’m still saying thanks to you all.  Thanks to my great staff at the shop, thanks to my family, thanks to my friends…


Now that the season is changing all I can think of is the impending cold.  The thing about the cold is that it makes you want to be close.  The cold makes us want to cuddle and stay warm.  The cold makes us want to eat heavy foods that stick to our insides and heat us from within.  The cold reminds us of those moments  and time spent together, inside.


Thanksgiving is the beginning of a new and wonderful season and I am forever thankful that I have people in my life to spend this chilly time with.  I am also thankful that I did not lose anyone this year.   To all of you who have lost a loved one or family member, Thanksgiving is an amazing time to honor them and remember them by giving thanks for the life you currently have.

Thanking you all!


the fresh perspective…


There’s a real permanent polish phase going on and I thought I should touch on it a little.  Permanent polish is a service similar to gel nails.  It’s a basecoat that you cure, followed by a thick nail polish that needs a UV or LED light to set or ‘cure’.  Then you put a topcoat on and cure again.

The look?  Perfectly polished hands that can stay this way for up to 2 weeks.  The service is about an hour-long because you need about 10 minutes to remove the previous polish.  If you’re getting it done for the first time it takes less than an hour and is dry instantly! No need to wait around the shop, or get someone else to dig into your purse to get your keys…when the topcoat is cured you can do anything you like.  The gel hardens and is set.

The Holland Collection

Remember everyone is different.  My permanent polish has lasted a week and that is a small victory for my hands and I.  At one point permanent polish only lasted on my nails for up to four days.  This is my first time trying OPI’s permanent polish and it worked really well on me and finally lasted an entire week!

‘Thanks a Windmillion’ Holland Collection

If you are a permanent polish lover and haven’t had OPI’s GelColor then you are missing out!  That’s the fresh perspective…

One of those days…

Looks like I’m a bit behind today.  I meant to post this morning but between Kindermusik and the Passport office I lost track of time.  Yesterday was mother’s day and so it was relaxing and restful.  I just moved through the day with slowness and ease.  The weather was lovely and I felt so great.

Today though, I feel like I’m still moving so slow even though there’s a tonne to do.  Half the day is gone and I still need to get groceries, make dinner, make all the beds and finish off my laundry…  But I’ve been laying here for far too long pretending that all the aforementioned duties are completed.  I want to be sun tanning…