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Time for some light reading.

I’ve been cutting hair for over ten years and have realized so much about myself and humans in general.  My job consists of so much talking, and laughing, and chatting, and laughing, and consulting and sighing and laughing…  You get my drift…

Whenever ladies (and gents) come in to the shop they are bound to ask how you are.  “How’s your life?” “How are your children?”  “How’s business?”  I tell them just exactly how I feel.  I have no shame in my chatting game.  I speak up and I speak out.  Always.  Is that a good thing?  Not necessarily…  Not everyone wants to hear what I have to say and not everyone wants to know the truth.

Sometimes folks ask, “how are you?” because it’s just a phrase kind humans say.  They don’t actually care what you say or want to know how you really feel.  I fall into that rut as well.  “How was work?” is my fave question, but I already have five more on deck as soon as they answer.  I know my problem is that I have a lot on/in my mind and I try to get it out in the hour that my client has paid me for.  Good?  Bad? I’m not sure…

Why do we love going to the salon so much?  Well.  We love that our hair will look nice at the end and our nails will be nicely manicured.  We love that our stylist is fashionable and sweet, we love that the shop we frequent isn’t a dive.  We love a lot about the hair salon, but lets say it- WE LOVE TO CHAT/CATCH-UP!  I love to do those things and sometimes I think that I may say too much.

When I go off about my husband/family members I’m doing so to vent and to release some tension.  I speak about my everyday life and sometimes I don’t take any prisoners.  I say a lot.  Maybe I say too much (I know I do say too much… I know).  Sometimes I’m honest and I may say some things that sound harsh and mean.  I’m not mean, a bit harsh, but not mean.  Then I realize that what I say might sound mean to some people.  Ahhhhh….words.

Who knew talking could be so therapeutic and yet so damaging?  The words we use everyday can change the way people experience life.  The words we use everyday are amazing and powerful.  We need to take more ownership of the words we use everyday.

That’s the fresh perspective…

the fresh perspective…

You’re Beautiful


The beauty industry is indeed one of the many reasons we women have issues with ourselves.  As a key player in the beauty business, I believe that we need to find a real way to better our lives as women.  We need to find a real way to try to make a size 10 just as sexy as a size 4.  We need to find a real way to make being 5’1″ just as sexy as 5’10”.  We need to find a real way to make pale skin as sexy as tanned skin.

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the fresh perspective…

Are you HM?


High maintenance.  What?!  It seems like being ‘high maintenance’ is a phrase used for people who are über picky, opinionated about things, and a bit demanding.  Is that so?  I wouldn’t say that I am very picky, opinionated, or demanding, but I have been called high maintenance.

What’s the deal? Because I know what wine I like to drink and I get my nails manicured weekly?  Because I like my eyebrows to look a particular way and I never wear animal print?  Because I have been known to say ‘no’ to certain activities and ‘yes’ to others?  Because I know what my tongue likes to taste and what lip shade looks best?  This is not bad, this is good.  I know myself and I know what I like.  I do not push my opinions on others and always try to be edifying where I can.


Being HM has received a bad reputation because some folks don’t know how to be polite.  Some people make things that should be so easy, so hard.  They are cocky about where they’ve been and who they know.  They let you know how much they spent on their last facial or what boutique grocer knows them by name.  That’s not being high maintenance, that’s just being rude.  The way that people act can say a lot about who they actually are.  ‘HIgh maintenance’ has a negative connotation that should be changed.

A few weeks ago some of us were having this conversation in the shop.  Why is someone high maintenance because they only want blonde?  PLATINUM blonde: without any brassiness.  Why is someone high maintenance because they bring their own polish to a manicure service?


Well, there should be a different term for the type of rude gals that annoy us all.  I’ll gladly be called high maintenance if it means that I know what Praise likes.  That’s the fresh perspective…

We’re having a private party…

This weekend will be Freshair Boutique’s 3rd Christmas Party!  We are all excited and ready for a good time.  The staff has changed a bit from last year.  We lost Emmanuel, Lisa and Crystal, but gained Chloe, Renée, and Rochelle.  It’s been a fun and busy 2012 and now we’re gearing up for 2013.

2011 Freshair Flairmenco

I love parties and I’m excited for our new staff to learn a little more about us and we, in turn, can learn a bit more about them and their partners/families.  This time gives us an opportunity to see each other in a different setting.  This time gives us an opportunity to get to know their partners and to better understand their lifestyles.

Freshair Line-up 2011

We see each other everyday, and yet maybe we don’t get enough time to get to know each other in a work setting.  I know some people hate their work parties because they actually have nothing in common with some staff members.  They don’t feel the importance of the time you can spend together apart from work.  I think it’s integral in the longevity of your team’s success.

Freshair Bow-tique Christmas 2010

With that, stay tuned for some images of our party and of the new staff.  Thanks for following us and sharing in yet another year of successful business!

Freshair Line-up 2010


“Baby, let me be your motivation.” -Kelly Rowland

All in all I had a pretty good weekend.  Got to rest a little, watched some sports (my fave), cooked a little bit…  I really can’t complain.  Now that September is in full swing I can’t help but to think of all the things I have lined up from now till the years’ end.  I’m hosting thanksgiving dinner, running a 5k, taking boxing classes, taking hair classes…. I’ll stop.

I realized something about myself in the last few weeks.  I’m a bit of an overachiever with a high penchant for “gettin’ stuff done”.  What’s my secret?  It’s just who I am.  I like to have a few things going on at once and I find that I operate best at this level.

I looked up the definition of Motivation and here is one of the many I found:


Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested in and committed to a job, role, or subject, and to exert persistent effort in attaining a goal.

Motivation results from the interactions among conscious and unconscious factors such as the (1) intensity of desire or need, (2) incentive or reward value of the goal, and (3) expectations of the individual and of his or her significant others.

Is that it?  If so, then why are so many of us stuck in a rut and can’t pull the trigger on much of anything?  Why do you think that so many people google this word at an alarming rate every day?  I’m not saying that I am the most motivated person on earth, but I’m not nervous about setting a goal and then actually accomplishing it.

What is the best motivator for you? Money? Vanity? Fame? Something external or is it more internal?  Just something to think about this work week…


the fresh perspective…


Since we’re on a scarf kick this week I wanted to show you guys some other ways to wear them.  Scarves are a great accessory and can be used for so many things.  Belt it around your waist, wrap it in your hair, wrap it around your neck…the combinations are endless.


As someone who owns a few scarves I will leave you with a few tips.  Try to make sure your collection has variation.  If you have a lot of long scarves, maybe try buying a shorter one.  If your collection is mostly heavy scarves, opt for a light one on your next purchase.  Material is also important.  Some scarves do better when bunched up, some are nicer looking when left sleek.

long and sleek

Don’t be afraid to ask anyone of us at the shop to show you how we would wear them or tie them.   I know that there’s a scarf sale at the shop, and If you are looking to get someone a gift or maybe just add a little something to your repertoire, come check out our selection.   Keep in mind that it’s only a deal if you need it so…I hope you guys have cold necks and/or bursting wallets! That’s the fresh perspective…

the fresh perspective…

Colored Jeans

It’s the hot look for the summer.  Maybe you just went out and bought a pair, or you dug up an old shade, colored jeans are definitely a trend for summer 2012.

so many shades!

When shopping for your pair of colored jeans, try to keep in line with the type of clothes you currently have in your closet.   If it appears that your closet is full of greys, blacks, and endless neutrals, you might want to go with the pastel colors.  If you are one that likes to change it up all the time, you may want to go with something more vibrant.


Trends are a fun way to spice up your wardrobe.  Don’t go nuts and buy seven different shades of colored jeans.  One, maybe two, but if you have a pair for everyday of the week you end up being a slave to the trends and spending way too much money trying to keep up.  They’re called trends for a reason, they don’t last… That’s the fresh perspective…

the fresh perspective…


We don’t sell this at the shop but I like to review products that I actually use.  Some of you may be familiar with this product if you have given birth.  It’s most known for reducing stretch marks and getting rid of unsightly skin scars and discolorations.

Once your body has been ravished with stretch marks, there is a high possibility that they will never leave you.  This product smooths them out and makes your skin feel so, so, so, so, so soft.  So soft.

The oil has a light scent as is quite light surprisingly.  I used it for three months last year and eventually switched to cocoa butter after that run.  I’m back for another three-month round and I’m positive the results will be even better yet.  Like I said earlier, the oil will not remove your stretch marks all together, but it does lighten them up and make your skin supah smooth and soft.

Try Bio-Oil if you have issues with the state of your skin. Also, you can get it for the lowest price at Superstore.  That’s the fresh perspective…