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Protect Yourself.

shanghaiSummer is officially here!  What are your plans to keep the sun from frying you up?  It’s one thing to protect your skin, but what about your hair?  I recommend thing likes hats or scarves.  Anything to keep your hair from the sun’s rays especially before 1 in the afternoon (the sun’s heat is more damaging in the morning than in the afternoon).

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Shimmer shine spray is great for static…shine too!

We have about 3 more months of the cold before we can look forward to the humidity, sweat, and mosquitoes!  How much more static can you take?!  With the on-and-off of toques and the constant friction of scarves, our hairs are suffering…

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Renée’s Aesthetic


Here are my three favorite products of the moment.  I simply cannot live without them.

We all have our go-to hair and makeup products.  Finding those right ones can be a bit of a process.  You need products that aren’t only high quality, but work for your skin and hair type specifically (everyone’s are different.)

drawing makeup 2

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magic monday – bag lady

Manager / Display Master

christieChristie somehow manages to manage us unmanageables.
She’s the very picture of grace, and can often be found dancing about the salon.

christie's bag2

Christie made this backpack!
You can buy them (and much more) through For You, Me & Us

Here’s what we found inside:


01 vintage lipstick holder
02 MAC lipstick – impassioned
03 Herbacin Kamille hand cream
04 **Malie Koke’e perfume oil
05 35mm film
06 **Priti NYC polish – american beauty
07 lipstick print compact – gift
08 keys – handmade keychain
09 **bobby pins (30 pins for 3.50)
10 Fort Garry Hotel matchbook
11 for you, me & us business cards
12 GREAT IDEAS notebook
13 vintage scarf
14 Triple C portable speaker
15 **Kevin Murphy Powder Puff
16 **Cleopatra combs
17 True History of the Kelly Gang – Peter Carey
18 Essie Polish – maximillian strasse her
19 antique cigarette case
20 **anj couture rose bobby pin

Find any of the starred items above in our boutique! We have one final bag lady coming up soon, so come back next week for a peek inside Andrée’s bag!

happy monday!!

magic monday – luscious lady locks

As someone who wishes she woke up with sultry, bombshell hair à la Lana Del Rey, but isn’t willing to spend more than half an hour getting ready … I’ve made a new best friend. Hot Rollers.

LDR - new age bombshell

LDR – new age bombshell

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magic monday – what’s in our bags

Assistant Extraordinaire


Chloe is our beloved assistant and resident perfectionist.

chloes purse

Her bag is from a fantastic Canadian company,  Echoes in the Attic.

And here’s what we found inside:

chloe's bag

01 Burts Bees Lipbalm
02 USB Stick
03 Assorted candy
04 Crayola Crayons
05 **Gleem Earrings
06 Colgate Floss
07 iPod
08 Prevex Protectant Cream
09 Sunglasses
10 **Kevin Murphy Powder Puff
11 Bus Tickets
12 Compact
13 Tide To Go
14 Business card

Starred are items Chloe picked up in our boutique. If you’d like to try any of her favorites, swing on by and pay us a visit!

happy monday, and stay tuned next week!

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Kevin Murphy Rinses


Time for a product review folks!  I know, I know, we love Kevin Murphy and it’s obvious, but it’s also because it’s sooooo good.  All of their shampoos come with rinses NOT conditioners.  This is a unique feature available only to Kevin Murphy users.  Simple concept.  You wash your hair, then you rinse it and condition your hair, then you rinse that out.  What?  What was the point of conditioning your hair just to rinse out the conditioner?  You might as well have just dumped your condish down the drain.

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magic monday- heart on

Who are your current hair-heroes?

HEART, 1970s : Ann Wilson(right) and Nancy Wilson. Central Park, New York, USA.

Ann + Nancy Wilson of HEART, have forever been an inspiration to me.Not only are they one of the most ferocious sister duos in the history of all sisters, they can slay your heart through song. I mean, Magic Man? Come on now.

ann nancy wilson life

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…so good.

This product is bananas!  It makes your skinny hairs full.  The amount of thickness you can get from this little bottle is mind-blowing!  I know I’m sounding a bit pumped but…I’m pumped.

Depending on the amount of hair you have, you have to be careful not to use too much.  I used a bit more than I should have once, and my clients hair felt just a bit too full. (hee hee)  It felt a little too producty… ( Yes.  I made that up.)    I know you all know what producty means…  When you go to touch your hair it feels like it’s full of gooey, goop, products.  Hence, producty.

Just a couple more pointers about this gem of a product.  It has very little hold and may need to layered with a mousse or styling product to achieve better hold.  It is a thickening lotion and should not be confused with a volumizer.  It does make your hair feel full and a bit bigger.  It just depends what type of hair you have.  It may work as a thickener and volumizer for you fine haired folks and maybe just a thickener for those of you with an average amount of hair.

If you’re curious, ask about it when you come for your next appointment.  For those of you who are not from around these parts, look for Kevin Murphy products in your area or ask your stylist.  That’s the fresh perspective…