LiLash update…

So as promised this is my last post on the product LiLash.  I know that my lashes have grown and seem to be fuller but I’m not sure that I would buy this product again.  I ran out of the actual serum a few weeks ago but I think that’s cause of the way the bottle is shaped (and I did put the serum on my brows as well).

All in all, my lashes grew and seemed fuller.  My brows didn’t change at all.  Some people swear by this product.  I had a lady tell me she had to cut her lashes with scissors, they were so long!  I experienced some itching and a bit of a dry eye at night but that was it.

Yeah, that’s all I can say I guess.  Maybe try it? Maybe not?

photo 1 photo 2**By the way, my eyebrows are beefed up a bit….




Renée’s Aesthetic


Here are my three favorite products of the moment.  I simply cannot live without them.

We all have our go-to hair and makeup products.  Finding those right ones can be a bit of a process.  You need products that aren’t only high quality, but work for your skin and hair type specifically (everyone’s are different.)

drawing makeup 2

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