Summer Shooting

So here are some of our favorite images from our summer shoot!  Thanks to poppie clothing and Oak & Lily for collaborating with us!  Thanks to Kyle Thomas for shooting us and thanks to Pascale for being our model! We have different images in the salon as well, so the next time you’re in the shop, take a look!

popnfreshoak-kt-June 09, 2013-049

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Introducing fresh pop – part 1

Freshair Boutique and Poppie Clothing are excited to announce a new and wonderful collaboration they like to call fresh pop.

Freshair Boutique is a full service beauty salon on Academy Road with an eco-friendly edge. Our main goal is to put the best you together, while doing the least damage possible to the earth and ourselves.

Poppie Clothing is a women’s clothing boutique on Corydon that provides women with clothing and accessories that are current and unique while being flattering and easy to wear. We offer items ranging from fancy party dresses to comfy, high-quality denim. We love helping women feel beautiful.

By coming together to form fresh pop, we hope to offer a way for women to put a cohesive look together for the season – from head to toe. We will keep our customers informed about trends in both hair and clothing, and show you ways you can achieve certain looks and make them your own.

To kick off this collaboration, members of fresh pop dressed up in clothing from Poppie and the talented ladies of Freshair Boutique took care of our hair and makeup and we took to the streets… or tracks …to show you what we’re made of. It turns out, we’re not models. But I think you can see that we had a whole lot of fun.

Without further ado, here we are:

Stay tuned for more fresh pop posts this week – we will be introducing some of our individual members, posting more photos from our photo shoot and showing some of our favorite looks in both hair and fashion!