Take me out to the ball game…or maybe not

Just came back from  a baseball game and was having the time of my life when I got this nasty leg cramp! Yup, bottom of the seventh and I am breathing like I was in a lamaze class.  Picture it. Hee, hee, hoooooo…. It was awful! I had to stand up and try to get through it.  People are looking at me and my nine month belly as I’m breathing (like I was in labour) trying not to cry/laugh and be overcome with humiliation.  I believe there are some photos of me in mid-cramp that look like I’m about to deliver a child.

Let me just say, that there is nothing more humbling than having an excellent leg cramp in the middle of a baseball game where everyone is staring at you because, a) you’re nine months pregnant, and b) you’re trying everything in your power to try and look ‘cool’. I couldn’t even sit down because my leg wouldn’t bend!  I had to stand till it went away. Sigh… To make matters worse some geriatric lady was mad and wanted me to sit down because she couldn’t see the game! What?!  Are you for real?!  You think I’m just standing and breathing like a douche face because I think it’s funny?!  Do you?!  Really?!  What a loser (definitely not a winner)…. It took everything in me not to tell her off afterwards.  It didn’t even matter to me that she looked about 110 years old, I was pissed! Who talks like that…..

I’m not even sure there is a lesson to be learned here.  All I know is at least I didn’t go into labour….  What if I did.  I bet geriatric lady would have told me to be quiet because she couldn’t hear the announcer….  Oh, I’m sorry.. I’m just HAVING A BABY!! No biggie… I will add that while I was leaving the game I gave her a sideways look.  You know the type.  I’m lookin’ at you, but am I?….  Sideways…  She felt it…

The Goldeyes lost 6-3.  We left at the bottom of the eighth.