Headband a la Jimi Hendrix…

If you follow us on facebook then you would have seen my cheesy video on how to wear a headband.  My youngest daughter has some wild and curly hair and this style worked well with her.  Here are some photos.

Some tips: Make sure the headband is relatively tight.  Not too tight that it’ll pinch their heads.  You should be able to fit a finger underneath the band with a little effort.  Also, if your kids never wear stuff in their hair do not expect them to all of a sudden want to comply.  Start at a young age with hair clips, bobbles, and bands.

We are working hard on our tutorials so stay tuned for more!



I’m back!  So, I know that this blog thing is all about consistency and I have not been…

I was just reading my brothers blog…turnjacson.wordpress.com and he made me realize that this is no joke, (by this I mean blogging).  I’ve been through a boatload of changes since the ballgame and my terrific leg cramp.  I had a girl child, hired an esthetician, got a new shop manager, part timer and started on the journey of my new body.  Sigh…  Change is good and a bit scary at times as well.

With the time I had off I had some time to reflect on what I really want this blog to achieve.  I guess in short I would like to be able to share with everyone my thoughts on just about everything… I’ve been getting some feedback and someone told me that I should separate the shop from my life.  I beg to differ because I feel that the shop and my life and gently entangled.  My clients who have been with me for over ten years know a ton about my life and my family.  I feel as though the type of business that I’m in allows for a blurred line between work and play… Enough about that… Changes….

I would like to conclude this blog by listing my changes…

On November one I will begin a weekly regimen to shed the pounds that my girl child gave me.

I will reclaim my blog.

I will bring lunch at least three times a week.

I will eat breakfast everyday.

I will read.

Ok, so yeah, let’s start there.  And so should you, if you need to make a list just do it.  It kinda holds you accountable when you look at your goals in black and white.  I will be keeping you posted…