the fresh perspective…

A new day, a new chance.


Something about the New year really gets me excited.  I mean, I do LOVE Christmas (it’s my fave holiday) but resolutions remind me of new beginnings and new starts.  Promises to myself to try to be better, and to set goals.  New years make me think of new days and how every new day gives us another chance.

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Ashlie’s Aesthetic


Makeup is a big part of the social media and part of our daily routines nowadays. I love that makeup is a great way to express self creativity! I own a lot of different brands of makeup and have a lot of product that I don’t necessarily use every day but I enjoy having all types so I can change my look regularly.  Prepare for mini rant 🙂


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the fresh perspective…



Rose gold

I found this link that shows the top 20 trends this year.  Are there any types of styles you would try or have already tried?  Take a look, there’s still time to test any one!

That’s the fresh perspective…



the fresh perspective…

How’s your hair?

Amazing what styling can do!

Summer is officially over here in Winnipeg, and this is the question.  How’s your hair?  Our climate is about to take a turn and I just want to know if your hair is ready?  Are your appointments booked?  How much maintenance is that new color you just received or, more importantly, how much did that leave-in mask cost?!

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