Ashlie’s Aesthetic



Going into the colder, drier months of the year everyones feet are hidden away in socks and shoes and just forgotten. Whether you stand up all day, do a lot of walking, exercise on a daily basis…feet are important and need to be taken care of because down the road you’ll regret not doing it sooner! Pedicures, or any foot treatment, are great for everyone and any age! So why should you spoil yourself and indulge in getting your feet pampered…

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Staff Party 2014

IMG_4404What an amazing night! We set up a camera in the shop and had a super fun photo shoot. Afterwards we took a limo to a wonderful restaurant where the chef fed us so well. The dinner was beyond delicious.

IMG_4370Cards against humanity was the highlight of the night because of all the laughs that ensued… We ate chocolate cake and laughed and cried (because of all the laughing).

IMG_4485Thanks for the best night girls…. It truly was magical!