Ashlie’s Aesthetic


Makeup is a big part of the social media and part of our daily routines nowadays. I love that makeup is a great way to express self creativity! I own a lot of different brands of makeup and have a lot of product that I don’t necessarily use every day but I enjoy having all types so I can change my look regularly.  Prepare for mini rant 🙂



I wear makeup for me and only me and my look changes depending on whether I’m going to work, out to do errands or if I’m going out for the evening. I get lots of compliments on it, sure, but I wear it on a daily basis and I typically have a different variation of a smokey eye because I like how it looks. But if I miss one day because I slept in or just didn’t feel like putting eye shadow on that day… I always get the question…. “are you sick?”. Nope. I was just lazy this morning or I’m having a bad makeup day. And the reverse of this question also bothers me when I say, “oh I think I’m getting sick, etc.”….”hmmmm. you don’t look sick.” Well there’s a reason for that, I put effort into my look everyday to look presentable for the industry I work in. It’s very frustrating because we get told that we look better with a natural look vs makeup on and then when we have the natural look we get told you’re not as pretty or you’re prettier with makeup on. We live in a world that too much bullying and cyber bullying goes on that we should be helping each other feel great about ourselves and love who we are. (I know…really cheesy but it’s true!) So whatever your reason for wearing or not wearing makeup is, own it because at the end of the day if you feel more comfortable because of it, that’s all that matters!


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