Ashlie’s Aesthetic

What to look forward to in nail art 2016….

Some of the manicure trends in 2015 I couldn’t get on board with….bubble nails, duck feet nails, and flip manicures. But I did really enjoy seeing all the 3D nail art and even the stiletto nails. So what does 2016 have to offer the nail industry….


(Flip Manicure)

Shattered Glass Nails

This trend started in South Korea and it’s just b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.! It looks gorgeous on both light and dark polish and it’s easy enough to do! This funky trend can be done to every nail if you want or use them as an accent nail to jazz up that fresh manicure. Aluminum foil gives the nails a bolder look, while iridescent cellophane gives the nails a multitude of colors that it picks up from the polish and the lighting. Want more nailspiration?? Check out nail_unistella on instagram, unique and gorgeous nail art and the owner is the creator of this fantastic manicure trend.





If you’re going to do a DIY, I recommend cutting the iridescent cellophane or thin aluminum foil before you get started and make a variety of sizes. (there are also stickers you can purchase to make it even easier)

  • Apply base coat to nails
  • Choose your favorite polish and apply 2 coats to nails
  • Apply top coat and let dry until tacky
  • Using tweezers, place the pieces you’ve already cut to the nail and lightly press every corner onto the nail and place as many or little as you want! Try keeping the perimeter of the nail free of the cellophane for a cleaner look.
  • Apply top coat to nails once again (multiple coats may be needed)



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