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Going into the colder, drier months of the year everyones feet are hidden away in socks and shoes and just forgotten. Whether you stand up all day, do a lot of walking, exercise on a daily basis…feet are important and need to be taken care of because down the road you’ll regret not doing it sooner! Pedicures, or any foot treatment, are great for everyone and any age! So why should you spoil yourself and indulge in getting your feet pampered…


  • Every pedicure involves soaking of your feet and usually a great lotion to help keep your skin moisturized. When feet are properly moisturized, they’re less likely to have problems, such as: blisters and cracks/dry skin on the bottom of your feet.
  • One thing we’ve all come across at one point is ingrown toenails, they’re uncomfortable and painful to deal with. Sometimes all it takes is stubbing your toe and having your nail crack low enough to cause this problem, or cutting them to short. Avoiding this is easy, by getting your nails cut and filed properly will help prevent this from being an issue!
  • My favorite part of a pedicure is getting all the dead skin/callous removed from the bottom of my feet. A combination between a credo blade, foot file and a scrub is an awesome way to slough off that dead skin and encourage new growth! Removing of those cells help eliminate lingering foot odor and can help prevent bunions and corns. Exfoliation definitely helps create a smoother, softer feel to your feet!
  • A good pedicure will always involve a massage portion, also a great part! Massaging has a lot of benefits…it helps improve circulation and relieve tension in your calves and feet. By improving the circulation it can help in reducing pain and distribute heat throughout your body. Even though it’s your feet and calves being worked on, it can be a great relief to your whole body.
  • There’s no where else on your body with as many pores as your feet so it’s very easy for infections to set in. Proper care and regular maintenance help protect your feet and reduce infections and fungal issues.
  • The best and most important reason to pamper your feet?!?!?! It’s a great stress reliever and an awesome way to relax! Don’t be afraid to ask for some quiet time if you’d rather sit and relax for an hour with peace and quiet.

If you’re not getting pedicures already, once you get your first one and start to see/feel the benefits and results…. you’ll be hooked!!!!


Make your pedicure last longer….

  • lotion your feet on a fairly regular basis to keep them moisturized and soft
  • invest in a foot file and buff the bottoms of your feet during your bath or shower
  • vaseline/petroleum jelly on the bottom of your feet with a pair of socks on can help with cracked feet, wear socks overnight or during your favorite show/movie.
  • cuticle oil on and around the nail will help keep your nails healthy, strong and shiny


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