the fresh perspective…

XEvcdFour of my co-workers and I saw a play last night that was, well, incredible.  Two clients were in it and we thought we would check it out.  Butcher, the play we saw was so moving (we laughed and we cried) that it’s made me want to post about it!  I know that sounds so cliche but it’s the truth.

pte_butcher_playpageI won’t give anything away but it made me realize how blessed I am.  This play made me want to remind us all to be present in the things we do and say.  Let’s be present when we’re with each other and not our cell phones.  Let’s take the time to really appreciate each other and be with each other.  Sometimes life can be so hard but I always try to remember that at least I have it.  My life.  It’s unique and it’s all mine.  Even when things seem hazy and painful, I can’t help but think of how so many humans live their lives in hostile conditions and environments.  Wow.  I’m just so thankful and grateful to be given this specific life.

If you’ve never experienced a play, I urge you to go.  It’s so real and there is absolutely nothing like it.  Live a little…

That’s the fresh perspective…

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