the fresh perspective…

How’s your hair?

Amazing what styling can do!

Summer is officially over here in Winnipeg, and this is the question.  How’s your hair?  Our climate is about to take a turn and I just want to know if your hair is ready?  Are your appointments booked?  How much maintenance is that new color you just received or, more importantly, how much did that leave-in mask cost?!

maxresdefaultNow that we are preparing for Halloween and snowy nights let’s not forget our beautiful crowns!  In order to escape the dryness and brittleness of -40, you must have a simple regimen that you start right now.  By the time the snow comes, you’ll be used to that extra step when attempting to keep your ends from crumbling off.  This is the time to talk to your stylist about some heavier masks or treatments you can start using.  Start now so that by the holidays your hair will be healthy and lustrous.

tumblr_m9dmq8rgvi1qavtp2Everyone wants to have nice hair with very little effort.  The truth is, even a little effort goes a long way.  Take the time to care about your hair, it’s just one of many parts that make up who you are.  Love it, be kind and take care.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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