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We had an in-salon class on Tuesday about consultations.  We really focused on the things that need to happen when you meet a client for the first time.  The way we had been conducting our ‘first-time’ experiences were okay, but not great.  With the help of Kevin Murphy educator, Timothy Durant, we were able to learn how to better serve our clients.

11426452_915645051812652_987896315_nHow are your salon experiences?  What do you expect from your local spot?  As a paying customer, what do you want out of your one hour haircut appointment?  Were you well taken care of?  Did your stylist explain processes, manage your expectations, and solve your hair problems?  Were you satisfied?  Does it even matter to you? There are so many salons out there and it’s hard to know which one is best for you.  We want anyone that is a client of ours to feel like they are our number one priority and their hair even more so.  We want to help you achieve all your hair dreams.  We want to serve you.  If you’ve ever been by our shop and have any suggestions for us, drop us a line or leave a comment.  We are here for you (and your hair).  That’s the fresh perspective…

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