the fresh perspective…


FullSizeRenderIt’s that time again!  I’ve been on the hunt for a really good heavy lotion/cream to take care of my legs and ashy feet.  This whole time it was in my shop!  We have been carrying some Pure Anada products for a while and I was recommended to try this for my dryness.  It has changed my feet and my life!

raw-shea-butterThis Product is INCREDIBLE!  I slather it on in the morning and my feet (mostly my heels) stay moisturized into the night!  I’ve never had this happen before!  I’m in love.  Okay let’s get to the nit and the grit:


-super conditioning

-nice scent

-locally produced

-affordable ($14)

-easy to stuff in any bag/purse

-fair trade


-small (4 oz)

-very heavy/greasy

hands-feet-nails1Whether you choose to use this product on your legs and feet only, or your hands, it will reduce any skin issue.  It’s recommended for all parts of the body, even the face!  If you’re one that doesn’t like greasy products use less and massage it in more.  I also read that you can put it on your skin just before you leave the bath/shower and you’ll be soft and smooth all day!  I’m going to try that next…

Next time you’re in the shop try one of the testers!  You won’t regret it!  That’s the fresh perspective…


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