the fresh perspective…



Every Thursday I paint my nails.  I’ll try any color, I’m not afraid.  What I didn’t realize about my new habit, was that it would turn me into a hand model!


IMG_4851IMG_4790Maybe my lack of hair has really allowed me to experiment with other things?  Is there anything you do weekly that’s just for you?  Any ‘self’ stuff?  I know some women who do fancy hair treatments and others that take exquisite baths.

IMG_5019I do my nails (never my cuticles) and unwind as they dry.  It really is restful actually.  Enjoy the weekend and try to relax a little if you can.  I will work on paying attention to my cuticles…

That’s the fresh perspective… 

4 thoughts on “the fresh perspective…

  1. Love this and love the color!! I too find it relaxing and experiment often with techniques and colors. Ever try water marbling?

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