the fresh perspective…

Hot Holidays! you setting off to a warmer climate this winter season?  Are you prepared for the changes that the heat will do to your hair and skin?  As you pack up your bikinis and sunscreen, make sure not to forget the products that protect your hair, skin and nails.  Leaving an extremely cold climate to an extreme warm one is lovely for your hair/skin/nails when you’re on your way, but as you return??


Try a deep conditioner on the last few days of your hot holiday.  This will help prepare your hair for the impending cold.  Even your skin and nails could benefit from a moisture overhaul just before you board your plane back home.  Most hair products are available in travel size, and a bottle of cuticle oil can be brought along in your carry on!  The flight is great time to use cuticle oil, put in on and relax while you fly.  Make sure you pop in to the shop to pick up some products before you head out!  That’s the fresh perspective…

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