the fresh perspective…

Long, longer, longest…

hair2We are now offering Hotheads extensions at the shop now folks!  Extensions are a fun way to change-up your look!  The specific brand we are promoting right now is ultra gentle, easy to take in and out, and won’t keep you at the shop for 6 hours!

tumblr_mjqtorETBA1qkv30do1_500Listen to this!  From now, till the end of the year, we will take up to $100 off the service so you can have a try.  The hair comes in 4 different lengths and is 100% Human Remy hair.  You can use them for up to a year and they come in pretty much every possible color.  There is an option for us ladies that have course thick hair as well.


less hair/more hair!

One of our stylists had them in for two weeks because she wanted super long hair for a wedding she was in.  They looked great and held curl better than her own hair.  That’s another benefit to extensions.  They can hold a curl better than the hair that grows out of your head for the most part.  They are a bit of an investment up front, but because they last a year, you can use them again and again.

We would love for any of you to try them.  What you need to do is to book a consult first so that we can pick a shade that is best suited to you.  On the day of the consult, we would book your appointment, it’s a quick installation (under 3 hours) and boom!  Your hairs are longer!  This is a great deal for anyone who is curious or interested in trying something a little longer.  Book a consult and see if Hotheads could work for you!  Just ask to see Olivia, she’s the lady with the goods!  That’s the fresh perspective…



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