the fresh perspective…

Winter is coming

tumblr_m91x63WYaD1rszhtyo2_500We’re almost there folks.  Almost submerged in the freezer-like winter.  What have you done to prepare yourself for this?  Did you pull out all your winter clothes?  Did you dig out that toque?  I have just purchased some waterproof winter gloves.  This is different for me  because I’m a leather glove kinda lady.  Apart from being a leather glove kinda lady, I also loathe the cold.  The leather, simply isn’t cutting it anymore.  It isn’t warm enough and they stiffen in the extreme cold.

winter_background_1_by_kuoma_stock-d5nvzlrWhile we are all going to be thinking of ways to keep our bodies warm while looking stylish in a parka, let us not forget about our hair, skin, and nails.  The temperatures we’re about to face can be really damaging to our hair, skin, and nails trio.  Are you prepared?  Got your cuticle oil already? How about a hair treatment to do every two weeks while the snow falls?  Maybe a once a month scrub down with a body scrub?  Don’t forget about our trio being exposed to the temperatures and winds.  Prepare yourself.  Get ready.  That’s the fresh perspective…

4 thoughts on “the fresh perspective…

  1. I always turn into a lizard, which doesn’t please me. I’d like to figure out something extra nice to do to keep my hair from getting dried out and staticky. Any suggestions??

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