the fresh perspective…

tumblr_mz72cd4fow1rfwfq9o1_1280The fresh perspective is now going to be  a place where I can get on my soapbox a little bit and tell you all how I really feel.  Is this a good idea?  I am very passionate about a lot of things.   If I feel like sounding off about how much ‘stuff’ we consume, or how I think that face tattoos are a joke, I may offend some people.

I do not mean to offend.  I realize that my opinions are my own and I’m very aware that they may not be popular.  I will say, I find it hard to dispute that any person with a face tattoo CANNOT be taken seriously.**  I’m a little old school and prefer paper cards over e-cards, and I think hair is meant to be changed (it grows back so no worries right).

In light of all the changes we’ve been going through, I’d like to change things up. TFP started out as a review thing, then a ‘favorites’ thing, and now it’s a soapbox?  Here we go!  That’s the fresh perspective…


**If your face is tatted…. I’m sorry.

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