the fresh perspective…

Protect Yourself.

shanghaiSummer is officially here!  What are your plans to keep the sun from frying you up?  It’s one thing to protect your skin, but what about your hair?  I recommend thing likes hats or scarves.  Anything to keep your hair from the sun’s rays especially before 1 in the afternoon (the sun’s heat is more damaging in the morning than in the afternoon).


tumblr_m09sz3xtha1qbiu5fo1_500Don’t forget to protect your locks with products that contain SPF.  We have a variety of products that can protect your hair.  Kevin Murphy is stocked with young again, anti-gravity, damage manager, and hair resort spray.  One of these should be able to take care of your lovely locks.

tumblr_m4jhg2KoTK1qfp5jso1_500So while you’re out in the sun soaking it up, protect your skin AND your hair! That’s the fresh perspective…

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