The heat is on

tumblr_m6lnq7IQyf1qc4uvwo1_400What did you get into this weekend?  It was a splendid weekend of heat and sun and warmth and heat and sun.  Oh, it was glorious!  Especially after suffering through minus 55 degrees on more than one occasion, I welcomed the sun burning my skin a little bit.  It always amazes me that Manitoba has the ability to have the MOST extreme weather conditions.  Blistering hot or chillingly cold… We got it.

so many Winnipeggers do this...

so many Winnipeggers do this…

Any specific way you try to beat the heat?  I’m sure you all have tips and tricks.  What about for hair?  For sure during this time, you could ease up on your cream rinse (it’s too heavy during these humid months), maybe stay away from cutting bangs (it’s a built-in heat keeper), and get a few more highlights (this dries out your hair so you need less washing).

imagesAt the end of the day, getting your hair up and out-of-the-way will always be the best way to beat the heat.  Use whatever you can, and if need be, ask your stylist for some tips.  We know how to help you help yourself!




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