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Osborne Street

Osborne Street

What are you thinking about getting into now that the summer is here?  I, for one, am an avid planner.  I have a few things lined up for the summer.

If I’m in town, I’ll be checking out the festival on Canada Day on Osborne.  For August I’ll be going to Stonewall for Quarry Days and driving out to Morden for the Corn and Apple Festival.

The Stonewall Kilnes

The Stonewall Kilns

There’s so much to do in Manitoba if you’re into going for a bit of a drive.  There’s a lot to see IN Winnipeg, but that much more to see OUTSIDE of Winnipeg.  It’s funny how before having kids, I never really bothered with my province.  Now, I find that I’m looking for things to do to help us spend time together and help us get out to enjoy the nice weather we can have.

Clowning it up in Morden, Manitoba

Clowning it up in Morden, Manitoba

At sometime I’ll head out to Falcon Beach and at some point and we’ll pitch a tent in the backyard.  I’m also into watching movies in the park (sans children).  I’m excited and ready!  If you have any suggestions of places I should check out, leave me a message!  I’ll try to make an appearance!  That’s the fresh perspective…

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