the fresh perspective…

Excuse me, how much??

get that money...

get that money…

We’ve all been there.  You go somewhere and you know how much you always pay.  That coffee shop that has that latte you love, that breakfast spot that makes you weekly cheese denvers…  You know how much it is.  Then one day, the price goes up.  What?!  Do you feel like you’ve been taken off guard?  Do you feel a little silly when you have to dig in your wallet for more change cause you thought you had the exact amount?  It’s weird.

Well we’re raising some prices at the shop and even with our best intentions of signs and posts, we’re sure to not have informed everyone.  I know that someone will slip through the cracks and be a little taken off guard by the change.

Why do prices go up anyways?  There’s always the obvious ‘inflation’.  Business expenses go up so the price goes up.  Product prices go up so the service price goes up.  Employees get raises and, oop, prices go up.  I can say for our shop that when we do increase prices in services it’s for a myriad of things.  I would like our loyal clients to know that when prices go up at Freshair, we want to make sure that you are not feeling at all that it’s for nothing.  We aim to increase customer services, product selection, and overall experience for anyone who does choose to spend their hard-earned money in our business.  We value your opinions and support, and because of you, we aim to be better, always.


always remember…

I have been styling hair for almost 15 years and have a license and a lovely clientele and I always make sure that I keep up with training and educating myself.  This year, for the first time ever, I will be changing my schedule to accommodate my growing family.  My prices will be going up in June and I anticipate that I may lose some clients because of less availability and higher prices.  I urge anyone who is struggling with higher prices to chat with your stylist about it.  It’s okay to ask why.  It’s your money and you should feel comfortable when you have to part with it.  If your stylist is becoming too expensive but you love the shop you go to you can discuss it with your stylist.  They may be able to refer you to someone else who does great work at a lower rate.  Think of it as paying for experience.  Someone who has had their hands in many heads of hair for over 20 years has probably seen it all and may have a solution to most hair issues, adversely, someone who has had their hands in heads for 5 years may do a great job as well.  The clincher is the experience and the expertise.

Just because I have been cutting hair for over 14 years doesn’t mean I’ve NEVER had someone call back and complain, or tell me their cut was crooked, or thought I was bunk.  It happens.  I’m human.  My skin has gotten very thick over the years and I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff…but I’m still raising my prices! 🙂

That’s the fresh perspective…


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