the fresh perspective…


Mother’s day is tomorrow.  What have you got planned?  You doing something fun your mother?  Are you getting pampered if you’re a mother?

I’m a mom, and what I would like for Mother’s day is- all my meals prepared for me (from scratch), all the mess associated with said meals cleaned up, the fridge cleaned out, ALL my laundry done, and a foot rub accompanied with a vanilla milk shake as I watch Game of Thrones.  Is that too much to ask?  Am I being a titch ridiculous?  It’s my day…it’s not like any of what I’m hoping for will actually happen as my children are under 3 feet tall and my husband is, well…the best! 😉

Why do you think we celebrate these days?  It’s just like Valentine’s or birthdays I guess.  It gives all of us a reason to acknowledge each other.  I mean, we should anyways, but acknowledgment always seems easier when a specific day is set aside for it.

I asked one of my male clients once what he wanted for Father’s day and he said,”I just want to be left alone.  Everyone leave the house for 24 hours.  Just leave me by myself to do whatever I want.”  I thought, wow, that sucks for him.  He would love peace and quiet and no fan fare, or tie, or lame mug, or ‘best dad’ anything.  He just wants to be left alone but he’ll probably be subjected to doing something he doesn’t want to do.

Just like my Mother’s day wish, it won’t happen and I’m okay with that.  I’ll send my mom a card (she likes that).  Well actually I’m not even sure she does like that.  I’ve never really asked.  That’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to find out what they (mother/father) would really like on that day and try to make it happen.  As long as it doesn’t cost a fortune.

That’s all I got and that’s the fresh perspective…

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