Professional class


Last week I took a barbering course.  I thought it would focus on actual barbering, but we mostly went over trendy men’s hair cuts.  I would have loved to have learned about some straight razor work or even new scissor over comb techniques.  Regardless, I did learn a few new things while I was attending.

tumblr_inline_ml3j3l3m5P1qz4rgpBetween this men’s class and the Blonde Expert class I took in Toronto, I believe that I did learn a very crucial thing.  I am a professional.  I have years of training and practice to get me here.  I have a license, I have certificates and I have plenty of experience.  So why is it that people don’t listen to us more?  How come it takes so much for a client to trust us?  The Blonde Expert class asked the question,”Can anyone be blonde?  Are more people suited to this shade than others?  Can everyone be a brunette?”  Even at the men’s cutting class, not every head shape, can suit a specific haircut.

I know many reasons that folks have a hard time trusting us, is because we have (at one point or another) led them astray.  Maybe we suggested something they didn’t like, maybe we cut their hair too much or too little, maybe we were rude in our ‘all-knowing way’, maybe a billion things.  One of the reasons that people don’t trust hair stylists is because sometimes we mess up.  Professionals mess up.  It happens.

Demetri-Martin_tumblr_lo9k5j8SE31qhtggqo1_500When situations like this arise, we must handle it better because we are the professionals, and as professionals that are also human, mistakes will be made.  I have made plenty in my 14 year career, but I don’t stop learning, trying, and staying humble.  I may know a lot about hair, but I only know so much about each individuals hair.  You know YOUR hair best and your stylist should be available for all kinds of professional guidance.  Hopefully your stylist has your best interest at heart and listens to your needs/wishes/demands etc…

So for all the bums that will be sitting in my chair, I’m going to do my best to keep things on the up and up.  I’m going to do my best to give you an experience for the books.  I’m going to do my best to recommend products and services that will help you on your hair journey.  I’m here for you (as a professional stylist mostly…)!




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