Because I’m happy…

tumblr_mgl9xlZaig1r6mnq4o1_1280Here we are again!  Monday!  The  beginning of the work week.  The beginning.  There are so many people who don’t love Mondays (I am one).  I feel like it’s just another beginning of a week that I’ll be tired from by the end of the week…

Because I’m ‘type A’, I usually use this day to get my week in order.  My meals are decided upon, my laundry is done, the beds get made and I run errands and go to appointments.  Because I’m Praise, I like things laid out easily so that the week will go by smoothly (it doesn’t always work)…



Because I’m a human being, I take too much time in concerning myself with things that sometimes don’t matter.  Because I’m happy, I’m going to face this week with gusto and fervor!  It’s going to be a great week (plus I think we’re getting weather in the double digits!)



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