the fresh perspective…


quoteWe’re knee-deep in to 2014 and there’s a lot going on this year for Freshair Boutique.  We’re looking to do a little expanding and changing the look of our shop from the roota to the toota.  I too am expanding and will be changing my schedule come September, yikes!  For someone who is always ‘up for something new’, I am feeling a little nervous.  Change is good but also scary…

tumblr_ml1v40uX5q1rxh9hco1_500What makes change so terrifying?  From moving cities, to giving birth.  New hair styles to new jobs.  From renovations to huge financial decisions…  All these types of changes are, in my opinion, an attempt to better our lives in one way or another.  But why does it feel like it’s somehow going to end badly?

tumblr_kstp8wJmGJ1qztsrto1_500You what folks? I don’t have all the answers.  I’m just here to shed a little light, offer some perspective, and hopefully open your eyes to a different way of looking at things.  I always love to hear people give their opinions because it helps me see things differently and opens my mind to new possibilities.

I wasn’t always up for listening to other people’s opinions about most things because I always thought that I was right.  Even now, sometimes I have to check myself when I think that my way is the only way and the best way.  I have a lot of ideas about how things should be and how things should go.  I am changing though.  I have to if I want to make the best out of the one life I have been given.  Are you changing?  For the better?  That’s the fresh perspective…


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