the fresh perspective…


valen1I’m just going to rant for a teeny bit ( not too long…).  Last night I went to see Off the Beaten Path: Women, Violence and Art at the WAG.  It was very intense and made me think of many, many things… Most of all I thought about WOMEN.  What a special group of people we are! I mean, seriously!  I applaud all of us and I’ll say that I don’t acknowledge our gender enough.


kids? no kids? does it matter?

We do so much on a day-to-day basis and even if you aren’t a wife or mother, you’re probably a sister or daughter so you still qualify to be great!  I am a woman who wears many hats but it seems to me that I receive the most praise (no pun intended) for the things I have become and not the person/woman I am.  Before I was a wife and a mother and a business owner, I was just a girl, a young woman, Praise.  No one seemed to tell me how fabulous I was then…


you in ‘good’ shape? does it matter?

Fast forward many years, and after the mother/wife label I’m all of a sudden soooo much better than the Praise I was?  I mean, okay, my life has become more complicated but I think we should hi-five all the ladies, single ones and married ones.  Let’s send a shout-out to the mothers and the non-mothers, let’s give a hip-hooray for the full-time working chicks and the ones that don’t get paid to work.  We need to focus on supporting each other even if we don’t have the ‘proper titles’ yet.  The fact that we are women is reason enough to celebrate us.

do you cook?

do you cook? does it matter?

Don’t hesitate to support or complement a lady you know.  No matter what she does, or how she lives, she could use some encouraging words.  We all can.  That’s the fresh perspective…


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