the fresh perspective…


tumblr_lu8xm96kL11qc6vgqo1_500_largeWe’re officially into spring (so says the Gregorian calendar) and in Winnipeg it’s hard to believe that there will be an end to the ‘polar vortex’.  I had been away for the past week and even where I visited had extremely cold weather.

tumblr_m0yftrhdzA1qeh7qso1_400While I was away, I learned about how to become an expert on blonde hair and I’m dying to get some lightener on some clients (stay tuned for my ‘blonde expert’ advice).  Blonde hair makes me think of warmth, summer, tans, and bronzers…  I feel like it’ll take forever to see grass and to throw my feet into Birkenstocks again.

springnails_tumblr_largeWhat are your summer plans this year?  Is the weather where you are living as bad as the weather in Winnipeg, Manitoba?  Do you have any spring aspirations?  Today I’m going to paint my nails a nice light color and pretend that my lady spring will be here soon…. I’m not going to hold my breath though, that’s the fresh perspective…

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