the fresh perspective…


0b1160d65ffe792d62da18d2e156031fThis is a great way to keep your static under control!  A braid can hold all your hair together and give a more ‘styled’ look than a pony-tail.

This particular braid (fish-tail braid) is best for long hair, with longer, or no layers.  As much fun as layers are, they can be difficult to control when attempting to get all your hair back.  Try this braid and see how you do.  For one, it’ll keep your hair out of the way, and if you are heading somewhere hot, it’s a nice alternative to the regular braid or pony-tail.

Remember gals, practice, practice, practice!  You might not get it on the first round but the more you try the better you’ll get.  That  is all.

That’s the fresh perspective…

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