the fresh perspective…


DSCN0267_zps51ce61dfThis curling iron is amazing!  I just bought one yesterday and I love how easy it is to use.  It’s a curling wand with THREE sizes to choose from.  The wands heat up insanely quick and are super hot.  Because of the heat, make sure to use a heat protector with the wands.  Also, because it’s really hot, you don’t need to have it in your hair for as long as some other curling tools.

verge-by-one-curl-styx-350x350For $110 you get the wands, a lame little glove, (I personally hate the glove, it creeps me out and I refuse to show an image of the horrific aforementioned item) and a carrying case.  I like the case because it keeps all the parts in one place and allows you to take it wherever you like, if you like.

420x560Next time you’re in the shop ask for the wand to be used on you and see what you think?  Some important things about this tool 1) protect your hair and 2) protect yourself.  The wands get pretty hot and because the wand is quite long it’s easy to burn yourself.  Please be careful and curl safely!  That’s the fresh perspective…


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