the fresh perspective…


972e37dad505f60f94b970f77baf1be9Boys with hair.  Long hair.  What’s your opinion on a long-haired style?  There are a few men out there that grow their hair and take very good care of it.  I, for one, love a man with long hair.  Especially if it’s healthy, maintained and flattering to the host.

tumblr_mi6a65NHVg1s5jejuo1_1280How many of you guys have tried to grow your hair?  Was it easy?  What did you like about it? Hated it?  Having more hair just means there’s a bit more to take care of.  You need some more products and a little more time.

tumblr_mi6abhrOwP1s5jejuo1_1280What about the top-knot?!  Boys, this is amazing!  If you’re a long-haired boy, maybe this is something you should try.  It’s very easy and a great way to keep your hair out of the way.  I think it’s unfair that long hair on men is looked down upon.  It’s not JUST for the girls.  It’s just hair and if a boy wants it super long, that shouldn’t make him less of a man.  It’s just hair, long hair…

tumblr_mkp66mXWhy1qkt26uo1_1280Like I always say, and will say till I can no longer speak, “there’s nothing wrong with trying something new.”  Maybe your hair would look great long?  Maybe ask your stylist if your hair would be manageable at a longer length?  It might be something that could really work.  It also could be awful.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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