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Shopper’s Drug Mart

A few days ago I saw a product we carry in the salon, at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart! What?!  Well, many salon grade products end up in discount stores and random retail outlets.  It happens.  What now?  I preach about how great it is to purchase your products from local suppliers (like us) and unfortunately the prices are sometimes higher.  Supporting a private small business over a conglomerate can be quite expensive.

I can understand why someone would purchase their salon grade products at Winners, or even Shopper’s because the price is so right!  I was at Superstore on the weekend and found that a liter of TRESemmé was $3.98!  You serious?!  We sell smaller bottles of shampoo that cost over $25! I feel like we can’t compete with prices like that but we can at least hang our hats on the fact that we know what we sell is good for you and your hair.

If you can find that salon grade product at Winners or your local discount spot, what can anyone say?  Do what you need to do.  That’s the fresh perspective…

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