Are you nailing it?

I’ve started getting serious with my nails and I am really trying to paint then a few times a week.  I find that my natural nails are quite oily so polish lasts about three days when I do it myself and about four or five when I get Renée to do it.

fall-nail-artNow that we are right into fall I need to get some new fall colors and as I was looking on-line I came across some really sweet fall nails… Enjoy!

i love this color

i love this color

tumblr_lr24noayz81qi7q4po1_500What about nail art?  It doesn’t have to be actual gems or studs, sometimes you can just use two separate colors to create contrast.  Would you ever try nail art?

tumblr_mrhthf5NVV1r2zjx2o1_500tumblr_malmgxB27G1rsjtkkNail polish is also a really nice accessory because it is quite complimentary and simple to do.  How often do you paint your nails?


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