the fresh perspective…


You long-haired ladies out there should be proud.  It takes time and dedication to have NICE long hair.  During these cooler months, long hair, and sweaters of any kind, are great combinations for warmth.

a4fy17-l-580x580 I made a post a while back about ways to help grow your hair if indeed long locks is what you’re after.  Just to be clear, if you want to grow your hair you can do so by cutting it less ONLY if you are giving it a break from hot tools and over washing.  Don’t skip your haircuts if you are addicted to your flat-iron.  Regular trims will help keep your ends from splitting up.

great necklace

great necklace


cutie sweater

There are other ways to do your hair without using a blow dryer or flat-iron.  You gotta use your imagination and some old school tricks.  Rags are a great way to get texture and braids can add texture as well.  Wash your hair at night and after it’s been air-dried for a few hours, throw some product in and section your hair into 3-6 sections and then put some braids in.  Don’t use elastics to secure the ends as you will get a weird kink when you take them out the next morning.  The less braids will give you less of a kink.  The more braids you put in will kink it up nice, like a crimper!

tumblr_m9n1zvZ0MX1rxygobo1_500tumblr-fall-2012-fashion-trends-women-cable-knitsPatience is key and don’t forget to ask your stylist if he/she think your hair can handle being long.  Remember, not all of us have the ability to have NICE long hair.  That’s the fresh perspective…  And there’s always extensions….

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