the fresh perspective…


For our loyal followers I must chat with you about the Wednesday posts.  This is the best time in Winnipeg to take full advantage of fall fashions.


The lack of snow and harsh drops in temperature allow for layering, hats, finger-less gloves, and all kinds of leather boots!

nyc-street-style-fall-fashion-4aOxford’s are a classic shoe and, shockingly, I don’t own any.  I’m a few websites away from purchasing my first pair and I am very excited.  They’ve  always been around, but are making a sweet resurgence as of now.  They pair well with a nice pant/slack and are really cute with skirts and dresses.


great color combo!

I think I have a few more Oxford images up my sleeve but it’s because I’m about to make my purchase…stay tuned!   I’m excited to add it to my fall wardrobe.


nice glasses and head shape…

What are your best Fall Finds? That’s the fresh perspective… That’s it.

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